Deeper Meaning Behind Noticing the Wind

I have no doubt that you have been very curious for the last several days about what in the world is the big deal about noticing wind.  After all, wind has been a part of your life since you were born.  Here is what the big deal is all about.  When we look out our back window, we don’t see the wind.  We also do not see or acknowledge the progress that is being made toward recovery.

Some of you might think that it is an overstatement for me to say we do not notice when we are feeling better.  I beg to differ.  I have interviewed many individuals who are showing evidence of significant progress toward healing. Yet, when asked the responses are ones that fail to recognize the incredible progress that is being made.  Responses say,

“Oh, I’m feeling okay now.  I suppose about as well as before.” 

No acknowledgment is actually given.  No celebration is made for the incredible progress that is being made.

This is why I think it is important to track symptoms across time.  Of course symptoms do change.  Some get a bit worse. Some get a bit better.  There is a lot of jostling that goes around and around inside the body when it is returning to balance, health and wellness. The road to recovery can be rocky and full of pot holes.

We don’t see wind, but part of us always knows that it surrounds us wherever we are. We can see evidence of the wind through the rustling of the leaves on the trees, through the sailboats that are able to sail across the waters, through the feeling on our skin when the wind sends its shivers up and down our spine.  We know that recovery is present somewhere deep inside our heart as it flutters with excitement that progress is in fact being made.

It is helpful in the recovery process to celebrate each and every improvement in symptoms however slight they may be.  Focus on how much better you are feeling and you will begin to feel better much more quickly.

There is of course a second very important component to paying attention to wind.  Many people will feel significantly better when they start breathing.  You are probably thinking,

“Oh, that’s pretty silly.  We all breathe.” 

Yes, this is true, but many people (or perhaps I should say most people) do not breathe deeply.  Insufficient oxygen is getting to the cells for nourishment; so many cells are dying second by second.  The more you breathe, the deeper you breathe; you’ll find you will feel better.

Breathing doesn’t cost anything. It is free.  It is one of the best therapies you can adopt.

Why do people not breathe deeply?  The curiosity is that when we stop breathing deeply we are able also to stop all feelings.  It’s a little trick we learned when we were children.  When we get scared we literally freeze everything including our breath and the feeling of fear subsides.  This also includes all feelings whatever they might be.  Stop breathing and you cut off the feelings.

I invite you to begin breathing more deeply and you will discover you will not only feel better physically, but you will begin to feel more of the fullness of all that can be experienced in life.  When we breath deeply we also are able to experience our feelings – whatever they might be.

Place no judgment on whatever feelings emerge. They are not bad or good. They are simply an offset of your life force. They’re simply feelings to be honored and treasured.

  • Breathe deeply.
  • Feel the fullness of life.
  • Celebrate all that is happening in your body that is making recovery possible. 
  • See the wind as it is manifesting recovery at the cellular level in your body. 
  • Know that recovery is happening now.


© Parkinsons Recovery